Upholstery Cleaning Service

Our furniture is important to us and keeping it clean is vital, not only for our daily hygienic use but for the safety of our loved ones. Over time furniture and general upholstery can become worn and build up a layer of dirt and wear that can include dead skin cells, food residue, bacteria and other stains. Not only do these spoil the appearance of our furniture but they can be hazardous to our health.

Regular cleaning of your upholstery is a good idea, so let our expert technicians come and administer a proper clean of your furniture – using specialized equipment and years of experience; we’ll use the appropriate method (whether it be steam or other) and leave your furniture clean and ready for use almost immediately

This service includes a full vacuum across the entire unit, including underneath cushions etc. We pay close attention to stains and other obvious defects, ensuring a quality result every time.

Special Treatment

Have a special stain that you just don’t know what it is or how to remove? Let us come and analyse and use our experienced team with specialised equipment remove it for you – we don’t use harsh chemicals or anything that will hard you or your loved ones, rest assured you’ll be happy with our results – removing stains should be left to a professional as incorrect usage of improper chemicals if you try it yourself could leave the surface worse off or even cause a failure in insurance claims!

Leave it to us – if you have a long-term stain or an emergency that just occurred – give us a call

FROM $55 incl GST ( if any)


How NZ Clean Master Upholstery Cleaning Compares

Based on standard 1hr labour, including callout, including GST (where applicable)


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