Who Are NZ CleanMaster?

NZ CLEAN MASTER provides you with a full range of cleaning services for both commercial and residential spaces. We provide a number of professional cleaning options tailored to your needs. These include: normal day-to-day spring cleaning, moving-out, open homes etc, all this and more at reasonable prices. Our friendly staff will go the extra mile to fulfil on your cleaning requirements. Our customers can use our online booking system to save time and effort.

How do I book?

We have a very simple booking system in place for you. Click on the “Book now” option for our Regular Clean service. Click “Contact Us” to get a quote for our other services. We will get back to you in less than 24 hours. Hassle free bookings with no wait times.

What times are available?

Our normal cleaning hours are 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week. Please allow up to 30-40 minutes for your cleaner to arrive to account for traffic or other jobs running overdue or other factors outside of our control.

What Cleaning Equipment or Supplies do I Need?

Our cleaners will supply their own full kits of eco-friendly, bio-degradable chemicals. Our chemicals will not leave marks and are safe to use across your entire home. We sanitize your most infected areas such as bathrooms, touchable areas and benches etc. This is at no extra cost.

Do you clean in my geographic region/area?

Our services are available in the Auckland Region (50 KM), Hamilton region (20 KM) and Tauranga region (30 KM). If you are not sure if this includes you or you live outside these regions, contact us now.

What do I do if I am not happy with the job?

We are totally sure this won’t happen! But if you are not happy with the quality of our work provided, please raise the issue within 24 hours via email so we can re-visit and make it right.

When can I change my booking?

Once your booking is confirmed we cannot cancel within 24 hours of your cleaning time. You need to contact us to reschedule the clean if need be. Please check our Terms and Condition for more details.

How do I pay?

Payments can be made via credit card or debit card at the end of the booking process. Our payment methods are fully encrypted to provide 100% safety to you. You can pay via online bank transfer before your booking under special arrangements. No cash or cheques accepted.

What Are My Cleaning Options Available To Me?

Cleaning depends upon your individual needs. “Spring-clean” covers the checklist which we can provide on request as it covers a wide variety of items. Please check that this option covers everything you expect before booking. Moving out, tenancy, home pre-sale or post-sale cleans differ slightly to spring cleaning. These options cover additional items like windows, wall wiping, ceilings, and garages and can often include landlord/agent checklists to cover their specific requirements.

We are not liable for any bond refunds being rejected on the basis of the cleaning applied and any job is non-refundable.

What are the stages Of My Cleaning?

1) Initial Walkthrough: Your cleaning agent(s) will do a walkthrough with you so you can explain what you need cleaned and what your priorities are.

2) Cleaning of the areas selected: After your initial walkthrough, your cleaning agent(s) will get to work. They will adhere to the requirements of the job with high cleaning standards and in accordance to the checklist.

3) Final Walkthrough: After your cleaning, you can request a final walkthrough with your cleaning agents to ensure your cleaning meets your standards.

If there are any areas (from the areas they got to clean during your purchased time) that you would like them to do “touch ups” on, they will gladly do them before they leave. If you’re not home when your cleaning time expires, your cleaning agents will leave and you will be waiving your final walkthrough. We highly recommend that you attend the final walkthrough to make sure you are happy with our service. In order to keep our prices low, we cannot offer any refunds or touch-ups after your cleaning agents leave the location of the cleaning.

How Do You Know The Booking Is Complete?

Once you make an online engagement with us either via “Book now” or “Contact Us”, all bookings will be approved in less than 24 hours. If you have special requirements, these can be discussed via email, via a call (0800 786 780) or simply text us on 0211133501. You will receive the automatic notification on your booking status.

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