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Do you have a carpeted home or office? You will definitely know first-hand the stains and other carpet damage that can accumulate over time. Your carpet can look less than pleasant at the best of times. In fact, a dirty carpet can totally alter the way your space looks altogether. Call our carpet cleaners in Auckland, Hamilton or Tauranga and we’ll let you know how we can virtually have any type of carpet looking like new again in a matter of hours. You won’t find a better carpet cleaning service anywhere in New Zealand.

We use a combination of hot water and a high powered extraction method while using eco-friendly shampoo. With our eco-friendly cleaning methods, NZ Clean Master makes sure that your home is a safe and healthy environment for your pets and kids.

Our cleaning process removes food stains, pet stains and urine odour from your carpet, using quality methods and safe products. We also facilitate the removal of dirt, debris and stains that are not even visible to our eyes. Sometimes the worst dirt or unwanted smells are buried deep down in your carpet fibres. With NZ Clean Master, you will have total peace of mind knowing that our staff and equipment can provide the best solutions to these problems. We use the following steps to clean your carpet, although it may differ slightly according to the individual needs of each carpet.

Pre-assessment: We always analyse your carpet first so that we can understand it is individual requirements first.

Vacuuming the carpet:  In this step, we vacuum the carpet thoroughly to get rid of any loose dirt and dust of the upper layer of the carpet. This allows our cleaning agent to reach deep into your carpet quickly thus cleaning it in with far more efficiency.

Quick Wash & Deodorizing: This step plays an important role in removing the dust and dirt from the carpet and provides the perfect base from which to steam clean your carpet. We also deodorize to add a fresh fragrance and clean feel to your home. The entire odour from dirt and chemicals are completely removed from your home. This means your carpet requires less drying time and achieves a great result overall.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton

And remember, we don’t just offer carpet cleaning services in Auckland.  We have teams for carpet cleaning in Hamilton and Tauranga also. If you have stains on your carpet, please discuss this with one of our staff at the time of your booking. Some of the stains can only be removed by using our stain removal process. We are more than happy to organize this for you. Call us today.

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